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Overriding Materials with Revit + Vray Standalone

Ria Cho

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Hi there,

I'm trying to override a material in my vrscene file through the VRay standalone and I can't figure out how to access my parameter name. I see in the example below that VRayMtl1 is the material name. However, when I try creating a vray material named VRayMtl1 and I assign it to a certain material in Revit, the standalone keeps telling me that no such parameter "VRayMtl1@diffuse.color" can be found. Any suggestions to see what my actual parameter names are?

I also tried opening up the vrscene file in notepad but I don't quite understand it.

-parameterOverride="VRayMtl1@diffuse.color=Color(1. 0,0.2,1.0)"


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