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Digital Camera?

Buffalo Bills

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To anyone that might have an idea for a nice digital camera: I'm looking for a digital camera that will give me .tiff capabilites and high resolution to where I could photo edit images. I also would use this for personal reasons. I don't want it to be bulky. I would like it to be under $500 if possible. Does anyone have a recommendation? I would appreciate it.


Thank you!

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I found the 'Digital Camera Resource Page' very usefull when I purchased my Nikon 950 about 4 years ago. I just checked and they are still going strong with lots of good reviews.


Digital Camera Resource Page


I'm looking for another camera now and would really recommend the swivel heads like some of the Nikons have. There are quite a few shots I would not have got without that type of configuration. Plus the 900's are pretty easy to carry on your belt.


Good luck,


Mike White

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As you posted the queation on this forum I suppose you're going to use it for architectural photo?

My latest digicam is an Olympus C5060WZ, which I bought specifically because it had about the shortest focal length of the prosumer cameras, at ~28mm equivalent. I also bought an extra wide angle lens for it, giving ~18mm focal. This is a very good camera, and it works very well for photographing buildings in those cramped areas where you can't get far enough away. It has surprisingly little barrel distortion, even with the 18mm.

It has all kinds of settings, from fully automatic to fully manual, saves in TIFF and RAW etc. You can even use an external flash on it.

Doesn't fit very well in your pocket though, unless they are pretty big...

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