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bathroom WIP


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I thought I could use a nice bathroom for my portfolio so I started working on this a couple of days ago...

I should really be doing other stuff, but my current "real" project is so boring its driving me mad.... this is much more fun =)


as some of you know, Im not an architect, so comments on furniture placement and colors and stuff are very welcome.

And ofcourse crits n comments on the technical stuff is also appreciated.


modeled in max6, rendered with Vray.


the dry plants and wicker baskets arent modeled by me - I found them on the evermotion forum.

still lots of modelling left to do, and some of the objects will be replaced by better ones when I get the time.


these are only testrenders, and not very big... sorry bout that


oh and one more thing - in the closeup shot I accidently disabled glossy relfections, so you dont have to comment on that.


thanks in acvance!


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Wow, very nice Kalle. I love the metal material. I can't really comment on much. If I must, the towel looks too perfect. Maybe an added bump or displacement will help. The sink should have a drain plug or something metal, not just porcelin. When you do the final put an exterior image or something in the window. Other than that, great materials, great lighting, and nice feel. Good job.



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thanks jason!


youre right about the towel - I used Vray Fur which works great, but I think I only applied it to one side of the towel... Itll probably look much better if the other side gets it too. and maybe add some thickness to the mesh too... its just a plane now.


the sink isnt finished... and I know about the metal thing. ill fix that.

Ill make sure to put a background image outside the window too...


ill try to have an update ready tomorrow....

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