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First Vray Image


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Managed to get hold of Vray last Thursday and this is my first image and its WIP at the moment. The problem is I don't really have a clue what I'm doing.


I'm using the latest Beta version of Vray, so over the weekend I set it off using the Fixed rate Image Sampler with subdivison set to 5 because I read on here that if you had lots of blurry refections this was quicker than using Adaptive Subdivison. Also under the Irradiance Map settings I set it off using very high settings but considering the image still hadn't finished on Monday morning I take it this isn't the best setting to use. For an image like mine which setting are best? Everything else I left as standard!


The image attached was rendered using a Very Low Irradiance Map setting.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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hey! very nice, especially for a first!


how did you light the scene? If you used Vray lights or Vray shadows, what subdivs value did you use? This can greatly affect rendertimes... start at 10 and raise if you need to...


"fixed rate 5" seems insane to me, but Im no master myself so Im not sure... Have you tried to use the "adaptive subdivision 0 - 2"


about the GI settings... Irradience maps look great but take a while. Try using Lightmap for second bounce and IRR map only for first.


since you use the latest build, you can also disable glossy reflections when the GI is calculated, and then switch them on for the final render. I believe this could save some time too.

oh - thats another thing. glossys take time to calculate, so make sure youre not using more subdivs on the glossy than you need.


hope it helps....

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Just changed the second bounce to Lightmap instead of IRR and it took the render time down from 24 minutes to 14, so I think I'll be sticking with that in the future.


I'm using Vray environment with the multiplier set to to 3 and 1 target spotlight with Vray shadows for the sunlight. From looking through the Vray Shadow settings, you said what subdivs value did I use and I left it at 8 which was I guess the default!


How do I control the subdivisons on the glossy reflections, I am using Vray materials for everything.


Changed to the adaptive subdivs setting you suggested and I can't see any difference so I'll leave them like that.


Thanks for your help, thats great.

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cool... the problem with lightmapping is that it isnt as detailed as IRRmaps, so sometimes you lose some shadow detail... but most of the time it works perfectly.


You change the glossy in the material editor.... first of all you can change the amount of glossiness. if the Relf. glossiness value is 1.0 you have normal reflections, and anything lower will make them blurred and nice.

just below that youll find the subdivs value... default is 8, and thats usually enough. if you dont get any problems with it, try an even lower value.


"Changed to the adaptive subdivs setting you suggested and I can't see any difference so I'll leave them like that."

I honesly thought this would cut the rendertimes in half..... ! but hey, thats good to know... Im still a Vray rookie, and there are lots of settings I really dont know anything about...

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