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The burning question!!!


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hi, guys im looking to buy a new renderer soon but really are confused as to which to go for. im using max 6 with radiosity/scanline for interiors and getting nice results but i do find it takes a lot of tweaking. for exterior/gardens i use the old school method of standard lights,tried using rad but it kills my machine"high poly count".ive tried M R,yuk!! just wondered if you guys/gals could point me in the right direction in which renderer to purchace for both jobs ie.final render,Vray,stick with it..... :confused: jow

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it's been discussed hundreds of times, you may want to do a quick search on the forums to find out how many.

vray, brazil, mr, final render are all good renderers, either of them could be the right one for you, i'd suggest you to download the demo versions and try them out by yourself.

you already have mr, here you can find brazil/rio:




vray advanced demo here:




don't know if there's a demo of final render available.

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I think it's already burned out... but honestly, it's not about a render engine anymore... It's about NOT having to render anymore...

In a few weeks RenderMonkey Stage 1 will hit the market and it's allready a great hit among beta-testers. Definately the best renderer ever, it's much faster than any renderer you may know today due to it's incredible new setup and architecture. Blah blah blah...


Nah, I don't believe in miracles... Not everyday... Probably, after 10years of hard work everyday, yeah... One can have created a miracle


Just work on your dream, don't just dream... ,-)






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Hi all,


the link is www.monkeyrenderer.com but it's probably down... It's SOOO famous ,-p







ps: Doesn't every application makes promises likes this? IMHO softwaresellers don't know the differs between what they WANT the software to be and what it really is... 'don't know' being big words of course as they really know... I just don't believe in Great Inventions every day... Today I invented the wheel, tomorrow I tamed lightning after doing some minor revisions on yesterdays submarine-invention, the day aftertomorrow??? Gonna watch that movie... Oh no! The trailer told me allready... Ha! No need to see the film anymore... Saved me another 90 minutes!

Did that Banana plugin work well? I need it to paint my submarine!


Damn... who's being sarcastic... Must be the pills, must be the pills!

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I like your summary.... of rendering....


Mike, long time no hear from you..... Same issues as 6 years ago when we went to see the profesor.... Have you heard of him....? I sent an E Mail to you... Nice to hear you are still around.... You must have quite a milage by now.... I mean on your bike....!


I like this thread.... the reality is there is no rendering machine that is going to substitute good modeling skills combined with an artistic flair. Half science half art....!




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