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Hello all,


Using AutoCad2004 i have drawn a room, using the AEC blocks for walls, windows etc.


When i import this dwg file into Max6 each object, for example is split into various layers as shown in the screen shot here "max6 layers.jpg".


However, when i import the same dwg into max7 (using the same import options as i did using max6) objects are not split into layers. So for example, instead of having seperate layers for the glass, frame and sash in the case of a window, max7 keeps the entire window object on one layer.


I know i can apply materials using id's and multi-sub objects but obviously this is more time consuming.


Has anyone else noticed this problem or could anyone let me know if there is a procedure which will allow me to import to max7 in a way where all the AEC layers are visible,


thanks in advance.

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