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WIP/project log interior

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Could you explain what you don't like about the people?


I must admit I think it looked better without the figures too. They have a 'Simpsons' look about them and distract me from the interior. VERY difficult to do. If I HAVE to do it, I use photos of standing people and chop their legs off ! Yes, they never look quite right.

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Ernest this was one of the best threads of this site!!!


Following your "unique" technique, setup, method and even your worksapce as been a real eye-opener. I love doing all the cg stuff but I also get bogged down with other "architectural" stuff here in the office. Seeing you office and workspace and reading how much you carge for your great work as more then inspired me to follow this path of cg to eventually one of two things:


get my licence as an architect (in the process) or the cg or get the licence and specialize in digital design and cg services...the more opptions the better!!!


Again great work and great thread!

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Ernest this was one of the best threads of this site!!!


Following your "unique" technique, setup, method and even your worksapce as been a real eye-opener.


Thank you. I wasn't sure how it would work out, but what decent experiment has an assured outcome?


Now its someone else's turn. It doesn't have to be someone with decades of experience, just someone who can show the process as they see it, and actually follow the work start to finish.


Who's up?

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I just found this thread, which must be one of the most interesting threads I've ever read :) Thanks a lot for sharing!

The results were great IMO!


What I didn't understand though was why you never used SketchUp for the actual modelling, but just for converting the dwg2004 files?

After I found SU 1 1/2 year ago I never use any other app for modelling architecture - at least not for non-organic parts. The workflow is extremely fast compared to CinemaXL7, Lightwave 8 and trueSpace 6.6, which are the other 3D apps I'm using.

I've also been struggling with the GI rendering in C4D, which takes ages, and which leaves you in the dark for a long time.

I got LW as a part payment for a job, but never really used it until FPrime came out. Since then LW has been my main program for rendering. It gives you realtime radiosity rendering, very coarse at first (of course), gradually refining it in the background. This is extremely useful for lighting scenes, because there is so much less guessing involved. For a really good grainless final result it will also take hours (or days?) to finish though, like the normal LW radiosity.

Another cool thing I found lately is a description of how to use LightScape and Lightwave together, making it possible (within an acceptable timeframe) to render walk-through animations etc in a fully (or partly) GI illuminated scene.

http://www.except.nl/Overig/lightscapelightwave.htm for those interested.

It might work for Cinema as well?


I would be very interested in all tips on how to get better and faster GI renderings, and how to make them interactive (for walk-arounds).


Now I'm just looking forward to the next project log :-)

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