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Rendering crash with bone features


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i modeled an object like fish bone, ro when i want to bend it, i though af link them with a bone, so what happen when i render, it just crash saying.


"An error has occured and the application will now close. No scene changes have occured since your last save"


any of you guys experience this before, please share for me to solve the problems.

i can just delete the bone after adjust the position, but it will be aprobem when i need to amend them. so it will be nice if this tools work normally.


info for the scene, i used 3ds max 6 with service pack 1, no plug in used for this scene. standart material, no light..


thanks in advance.

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I work at Discreet's Quality Engineering department. I was the one who found this bug internally and when I contacted RPC at that time they already had a fix for it that was available for download.


great,... :D i got straight to the right person..

thank you very much..

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