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Rates in the UK

Chris Drake

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Not UK based but I suppose there's not a lot of difference throughout the rest of Europe. It depends on your skill-level, guts and strivers mentality to set a good price. You also could consider the thought that the clients you're working for are mostly architects and/or project developers and therefore a serious budget comes with it + the fact that your work has a big impact in the marketingtrack for specific projects. All this in mind I've set my price up in two different sections.


1- Hourly fee of E 110.- (minimum of 15 hrs p/pr)

2- A client-given budget limit


There you go, enjoy '05.

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this touched on time and time again

basically how long is a piece of string

also hourly rates? is this a contact job with visual company ? or architect

clients ususally want a price on a project

too high you won't get the gig

too low you might find it's not worth doing commercially (happens a lot these days with newbies wanting to work for free or buying in the work which does everybody a diservice - anit that right vince!!)


but in terms of hourly rates you'd be depending on how good/experienced you are on a par with technician/assistants/architects contract rates


and they have gone down in real tems over the past couple of years


here in manchester (in fact the m62 corridor) $$££ p/h is much better and thats why i moved back from staying falkirk 8 years ago

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