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high res brick tex with a lot of bricks


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Hi all,


I've tried and stopped searching for a brick texture which I need to fill a big wall without one bit of tiling. Even seamless texture are gonna tile when I try to put on a great texture in the right dimensions (18 br/mtr verticalllynew building brick wall ). The material i'm looking for is the same brick as on the attachment, the sides of the building. (An aubergine/brownish, half shiny) texture with at least 300 bricks and seamless so that I have to tile it only 2 or 3 times for the entire wall.


If any suggestions, many thanks.


enjoy '05,


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Ok, I went back and looked up the proper links to the actual brick manufacturers website, this way we are legit (opposed to the software companies website). These are the ones I know of, there are probably more....


The Belden Brick Comapny



Acme Brick



RMC Ewell, Inc.



McNear Brick and Block



Henry Brick Company



Interstate brick



Boral Brick



Potomac Valley Brick



Essroc Italcementi Group




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