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DXF Grouping problem


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Hiya guys,


I have been supplied an all ready modelled DXF from architects.


This is a model of a semi detched house. I have completed all the texturing and scene and before I grouped the house, mirrored it to get the other half of the semi (mirror basically).


I have tried it again but the group option is blanked out, And when I mirror all the seperate object just go all over the place.


Pls help


Thanks guys.



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Is the 'ungroup' option avialable?


Is the group is 'open' but stilled grouped?


Is the reference coordinant system setting local vs View or Parent-the group?


Wierd things happen with DXF that were not created in AutoCad at times. It seems to revolve around the Z axis not being vertical at time of creation and centers axis rotations being translated wrong in Z vertical apps. Combined with the creation center not always being the object center or even close to it, causes lots of willy nilly scattering of multiple object selections at times.... For what it's worth



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