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flash... assignment for uni


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personally, i feel that the graphics are just too weak. minimalism has its place, but you have to really pull those minimal things off well, or the whole thing bombs- not that yours is a complete bomb....


anyway, the elevations and floorplans really need something...try different lineweights to get started. look around the web for some real "blueprints" and you'll start to see the heirarchy setup in the drawings. column lines, hidden lines, and more poche at different values will help richen the diagrams. it looks like they were done in MS Paint. try to get your hands on a proper drafting progam if you can.


the..repetative..periods..also..throw..me off.. its reminds me of studdering 8 yr old that cant string together a complete sentance. i find the poor use of grammar on the internet to be very annoying, and it makes people look much dumber than they "probably" are. if this is meant to mimic a profesional site, good grammar is essential


the 3D stuff is interesting, and i like how it fades in. i'd try to develop the interactivity more, some of the stuff just seems pointless- like the sound waves.


if i were you, i'd download the free sketchup demo and give it a try. its super easy to use, and a lot of fun. its a 3d modeling program if you arent familiar with it. you can export raster images as well as eps. it can create some nice hidden line drawings similar to what you already have.


this might seem a bit harsh, but i'm honestly just trying to help...



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