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Suggestions Please

mr z.

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This is a quick pic of a project I'm working on in the firm...which is in a design developemnt phase. I've modeled and lighted the scene as the design is being developed. SPECs:[3D Max 7, Light tracer (2 bounce, 250 rays, 2 color bleed) with skylight (1 multi./light blue), 1 direct (1.2 multi./light yellow-orange), tryed using a few omnis inside (1 multi./attenuation to rooms), and auto expo (54 bright, 50 contrast, 2 exp control), simple glass for now 30% trans.]

I do the lighting early for massing and shadow study...and it seems to make the material stage easier. The render times are fast enough with the lighting system set-up. The final render, much later, will been materialized and photoshopped with environment reflections on the glass, and that should be no problem. The problem is now... the glass is black, and to a client looks quite unfriendly. Are there any suggestions the CG artists out there might have for improving this stage of the model process?...a lighting solution perhaps with the current set-up for making the glass more appealing...I don't think the omnis inside are working for me....THX THX

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ever looked at a window on broad daylight? It's usually darker than the rest of the building, since the illumination inside is lower than outside.


The only point is that reflections on the glass exterior hide the actual darkness of the window (it reflects stuff outside, which is pretty bright).


The realistic solution would be to make reflections, but that's not a good idea in this stage. And making the inside lighter than the outside only works when it's dark outside (evening or night).


What you have now is realistic, and I would stick to it. It is after all a lighting study.

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