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Radiocity & Light Tracer


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first of all I would like to say Hi to everybody since I am a new member to this forum. Ok now can anybody help me with radiocity and light tracer. I am 3ds max compatible guy, and since radiocity and light tracer has been introduce since max 5 I guess may be around 2 yrs. Since then I am not ablt to figure out how to use these options. I mean few hints on these topics. I know this might be an old same topic to talk about, I need to know on these topics.


Shall wait for your vaulable Replies friends




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Two years and you still have not figured out how to open the tutorial files?


What you want to do is open max... if you look at the top list of words in the menu, you will see one at the ends called HELP.. Click on that. You can then select the word Tutorial. A new window will pop up. On the left side of the window you will see a list of catagories. One of them is Lighting Tutorials. Select the Plus (+) sign.... Another set of catagories will appear... select the (+) next to Advanced Lighting and Global Illumination. Under that you will see a list of very useful tutorials.


You will also see some great tutorials under "utorials for Design Visualization Professionals."

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