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Outdoor lighting


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Hello all,


I am having a bit of trouble with outdoor lighting.


I've always used a series of about 6 Omni lights to light my houses, but the resulting lighting doesn't make the houses look *photorealistic* despite having good textures.


I've tried the Sun system, but to no avail. The houses come out too grainy and I can never seem to position it correctly. (Maybe there is a good tutorial somewhere?)


I've also tried Photometric lighting, but it seems to have no effect, even though all of the objects in the scene are included. (Weird.)


Anyone have any tips for me? I don't use Radiosity at all (takes forever), but would like to get to the next step for lighting.



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I think you have two options:


1 Use radiosity and learn how to optimize your settings,

2 Use 'fakeosity', normally using a dome or ring of lights.


Search this site for both options and you'll get loads of help.

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Ive had some very good results with using a dome skylight and inserting a spotlight to simulate shadows from the sun. But that can be a bit costly on render times so that might not be your best bet if your concerned time.


Also have a look at your exposure control and have a play with that.

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I want to say thanks to everyone. I went with Bugga Guy's light dome and the results are really great. The houses still look slightly "plasticy," but it's a distinct improvement on just using Omni lights.


I will trying using an additional spotlight to see how that works.




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