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I know the question of finding trees has been answered before. But I'm looking for a plug-in that has a medium variety of photreaslistic trees, ground cover (such as mulch, dirt and rocks) and plants (such as bushes and a variety of flowers).


I know Bionatics and Speedtree have a variety of trees, but neither provides a huge variety of plants (at a reasonable price). I know some folks are big on RPC, but I sometimes the quality a little on the downside (even though the price is right).


Is there a good inbetwee, or can RPC be made to look photorealistic?


I'm trying to avoid adding trees, ground cover and plants in Photoshop. I want them all to be part of the scene to cast shadows correctly.



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They have a good selection of libraries (far more trees than you'll ever need!). The flowers are superb, as is the house plants. Look through their stuff, it's the best I've seen (Bionatics I can't be sure about because the images on the their website are so poor).


I'd suggest buying XTune to go with the libraries (you don't need XFrog, the program, unless you want to 'grow' your own libraries - cool stuff, but like I said, there are so many trees and with XTune you can control some of the options) to reduce the HUGE polygon count to something reasonable.


I think RPC's can be good for night shots or trees in the distance. The just look, or most of them do, a tad odd.

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