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Desperate: Where to find new Materials/Material's Library files


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Hey, I'm new here... been doing 3D modelling and mostly CAD related designing, with a bit of 3Ds Max experience and all... basically here's a little background info...


I currently use AutoCAD 2002 at a recent job doing 3D modelling for building Modular Playground Structures. I'm looking to find more Materials (textures) or more Materials Libraries to use in some of my drawings, but I've had no luck finding sites or anything, and Autodesk.com is never very good at responding to my inquiries.


So have any of you come across a way to get more textures and libraries, or possibly create your own... any info would be much appreciated, you can reply here or I'd very much appreciate it if you would notify me via email: caffeinevoices@yahoo.com ...reason being I'm new and I might forget to check back here.


Thanks a ton!



Also... anyone else out there in my field? Building Modular Playground Systems or something related?

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