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Thread: [vray] Sketchup models with vray material with high quality

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    Question [vray] Sketchup models with vray material with high quality

    Hi all, I'm new to here,
    do you guys know anything about any paid website which provides high quality sketchup models? just like
    Because almost all such websites always use 3ds max file.

    And I find it really difficult to export from 3ds max to sketchup [yes it works to export, but with tons of poly which slow down sketchup]. And the default 3d warehouse for sketchup models just not good enough in quality.

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    Default Re: [vray] Sketchup models with vray material with high quality

    Have a look here:

    "We were quite impressed with how much we could push v-ray inside SU. It's the same old rendering engine, and even supports proxies and vray-RT. For objects that were high poly, we relied on using .vrmesh files. It has everything else in it from render elements and vray 2 sided material to distributed rendering."

    You may want to try .vrmesh files.

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