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Found 2 results

  1. Studio/Institution: Pure3d Visualizations Germany - digital essences Client: Case-Study Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3ds max, Octane Render, Photoshop Website: http://pure3d.de Description: I finished my interpretation of House-N which I'm facinated for a longer time now. Last year I was about to do this project with a real-time engine as a showcase for lighting but never finished it. Now it was time to do some showcase art work for Pure3d to show clients in a brochure what I can do beside all this real-time solutions I offer for clients marketing. This project came into my mind again and I did it like if someone already lifes there for a year or two. I used Octane Render this time to get a better feeling on the ups and downs of the renderer but have to say that I'm pleased with it. My focus was on lighting and camera angles. A little bit post in photoshop. All views rendered with the new "pmc" kernel out of Octane.
  2. Studio/Institution: Pure3d Visualizations Germany - digital essences Client: non-commercial - For a contest Genre: Landscaping Software: 3ds max, Maxwell Render, Photoshop Website: http://pure3d.de Description: I did this image as an entry for the Ronen Bekerman contest which ended some time ago. The task was basically to present the NGA House in a landscape environment and use Maxwell Renderer. I ended up with a sunset theme and worked with warm colors and silhouettes like the power-lines but also with the cows and my maize models in the forground. The maize is a simple game-model which I use for m real-time projects too. So it doesn't need to be high-poly everytime. The house is lit with some IES lights using some lighter colors. I placed the couple and ZDepth during post in Photoshop. Maybe I missed the focus a bit and overdid with colors. But all in all I like the image and my girlfriend did too.
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