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Found 4 results

  1. Studio/Institution: Pure3d Visualizations Germany - digital essences Client: Case-Study Genre: Residential Interior Software: 3ds max, Octane Render, Photoshop Website: http://pure3d.de Description: I finished my interpretation of House-N which I'm facinated for a longer time now. Last year I was about to do this project with a real-time engine as a showcase for lighting but never finished it. Now it was time to do some showcase art work for Pure3d to show clients in a brochure what I can do beside all this real-time solutions I offer for clients marketing. This project came into my mind again and I did it like if someone already lifes there for a year or two. I used Octane Render this time to get a better feeling on the ups and downs of the renderer but have to say that I'm pleased with it. My focus was on lighting and camera angles. A little bit post in photoshop. All views rendered with the new "pmc" kernel out of Octane.
  2. Studio/Institution: Pure3d Visualizations Germany - digital essences Client: WELTEC Biopower Genre: Landscaping Software: 3ds max, Maxwell Render, Photoshop Website: http://pure3d.de Description: I worked on very nice and interesting project during the last days/weeks. I hope it fits in here because it's not very arch-viz'ish like most of the work here. A further client from renewable energy sector who is specialized in production of biogas facilities asked me to visualize the production cycle from biomass to heat and gas in a realistic aerial rendering. Mostly this kind of technical stuff is beeing done with shematic views and visually not appealing. We decided to do a center element agricultural building with the fermentation units in Corporate design (blue). Some of the elements were done by me in a further job by designing 3D Interfaces for the control units the company delivers too (also rendered in Maxwell). For the vegetation I used Maxwell proxies heavily of course and used ForestPack Scatter to distribute the proxies around. This is the rendering without textboxes which the client will do by himself. The source image was 5000px so lots of the small details of the gas production could be seen. Technical I was not sure how to post-edit an aerial rendering. I studied photos on google but they are looking all differently. In some the vegetation was very saturated in others a blur look was visible. So I would appreciate comments and advise for aerial photography and post-editing.
  3. Studio/Institution: Pure3d Visualizations Germany Client: COLEXON Energy AG Genre: Industrial Exterior Software: 3dsmax 2010, Octane Renderer 2.46, Photoshop CS5 Website: http://pure3d.de Description: Last month I did several CG shots for a company. They developed a new construction for solar panels and needed them visualized for the "Intersolar 2011". World largest exhibition. Since the exhibition started now I'm allowed to share the work too. Technically I had to build a single building with greenery around it and some cars. Client didn't want any dirt on the building, nor decoration like wodden pallets, or other vans and people around the area. From the artistic side I would love to do more details which are typical for an industrial area but client wants the viewer to be concentrated on the construction itself. Octane Renderer did a good and surprising fast job while rendering the images. The images rendered in nearly 5000px wide and were clear after one hour. My 3GB VRam was just enought for the 10 million triangels in the scene but at a certain point I had to split it into 5 scenes for each camera angle. The benefit was a faster export to Octane. The downside was obviously I had to do last minute changes to all scenes so work needed to be done twice in some cases. If Octane Renderer would support Proxies I could have done more greenery plus I had trouble with the material export since I used not the default absolute filepath setup in 3ds max. So I got white materials and had to resetup them in Octane. Exporting also was to long for my taste. Interesting fact is that client likes the direct lit pictures more as the unbiased ones because the building was lit inside due the ambient white lighting. Here are the visuals (unbiased renderings): And a small photo of their final exhibition booth is attached.
  4. Studio/Institution: Pure3d Visualizations Germany - digital essences Client: Nord Est Aménagement Promotion Genre: Residential Exterior Software: 3ds max, Lumion3D, Photoshop Website: http://pure3d.de Description: I did this residential area for one of my clients from France. Like most times this one is rendered in real-time with Lumion3D so it was easy to do shots and also a movie which will be released soon on my YouTube channel. For a large construction sign the client also asked for a nice rendering. I didn't find Lumion suiteable for such distance rendering because I'm not very satisfied with the colors at the moment in Lumion (plus some other issues) compared to Leadwerks which rendered nicer lighting but doesn't have such powerfull movie creation tools. In an upcoming Lumion update there will be new tone-mapping so it will get better. But unfortunatly not for the Speedtrees which they use and cause me a lot of trouble and a bad look. [ATTACH=CONFIG]42979[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]42980[/ATTACH] The large overview was rendered with Mentalray at around 7800px resolution. I used the same scene like in Lumion but exchanged cars and trees to make it more CG like. I used a modellish theme for the overview so people driving by on the road can take a quick look on the sign and see how it will look later after the area has been build. [ATTACH=CONFIG]42977[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]42978[/ATTACH] This was around my 10th real-time project now but I'm glad to be able to work still on CG stuff hehe.
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