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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, what is in your learned opinion better for studio of 2-3 people who want to share library of their assets (textures, 3D objects, etc, used via Connecter or Project Manager) - CLOUD (e.g. dropbox) or own SERVER machine? We were almost ready to buy some NAS server, but then it occured to me (and please correct me if i'm wrong), the files sync'ed via dropbox on my workstation are faster option for rendering, than detached files on some other machine, where network bandwith comes to play. I have only supericial understanding of network data exchange, so i'm not sure how factors like "100Mbit or 1Gbit adapter/modem/router", coaxial cable quality, etc would manifest themselves during for instance real time rendering (where i assume is any potential delay caused by slower loading of textures visible the most). Am i missing something? We work primarily in 3dsMax with Corona. There are articles on NAS vs Cloud subject, but it is the connection with everyday rendering use, that interests me here. Thanks anyone for helpful comments.
  2. Apologies if this sounds like a marketing post, but was just thinking today how much I love my NAS Having deliberated over it for well over a year before taking the plunge I can honestly say I have no regrets at all. I use it as the main storage for all my project files and asset libraries, and in conjunction with a little gigabit switch the access speeds are great from my main PC and a laptop on my home network. Also having access to my files away from home has saved the day on a number of occasions when the client has come back looking for a quick tweak or I have inevitably sent the wrong file after a long night. If anyone has been thinking about it, I would definitely advise investing in one.
  3. Hello, I have two topics I need some advice on please. They are sort of linked. I currently have a twin Zeon machine I am using, but am wanting to move this to be my renderer and build a working machine for modelling & test renders etc. 1. I need to make a decision on the graphics card. Do I go with a couple of GTX cards or a Quadro? Is it all about the CUDA, the more the better? I am wanting to get the best performance in VrayRT as I can. 2. With my work now being spread out over more than one machine. I am wanting some sort of network storage/server. However I know nothing about this other than I want to be able to have 2-3 machines all reading/writing and rendering etc from the same drives. (With one of the drives providing media to the rest of my house). I'm not sure if just a Nas or an all in one server/storage device would suit me best? Is windows server hard to get your head around for a novice? I have seen a few with that installed and it's a bit off putting atm. I would like to spend around £500 -($7-800) and have 5-8 drive bays if possible. Any recommendation or insight into this would be a great help. Cheers Adam
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