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  1. New Technology and Pricing Gives Students and Educational Institutions Greater Access to High-Powered, High-Priority Rendering LOS ANGELES – July 11, 2012 – Render Rocket LLC, an advanced cloud-based rendering services company, announced that it has enhanced its offerings by adding new tools and pricing to its online rendering solution that are specifically designed to ease the rendering burden on students and educational institutions. In addition to a new Class Manager module built into the Mission Control Interface, the new educational offering provides educational institutions and students with high-priority rendering that is renewable on the monthly basis and pricing that starts at the lowest pricing available for Render Rocket’s service: 12.5 cents per credit, or 82% off standard rendering rates. The new educational package is available immediately to educational institutions via renderrocket.com. “Students and the work they produce are our future, yet educational institutions around the world are struggling to keep up with the rendering needs of their classrooms,” said Ruben Perez, CEO of Render Rocket. “Typically, students working with large graphics files are forced to render projects on their personal computers, or to wait long hours to gain access to computer labs. Conversely, educators struggle with the lack of computing resources and the increasing demand for rendering on high-end graphics. We’ve changed our pricing and enhanced our technology for the sole purpose of meeting these growing challenges in education.” With the new educational offering, Render Rocket’s Mission Control interface (from which rendering jobs are launched) has been enhanced with a new Class Manager module that allows instructors or program directors to invite and un-invite students to Render Rocket’s rendering services, and to assign them credits on a per month, per semester, or per quarter basis. The new module greatly simplifies an educator’s ability to assign and manage rendering access across any size of educational group. Conversely, students have the ability to choose whether to use program credits or personal rendering credits right from the Mission Control interface. "Render Rocket is the ideal solution for any university with rendering needs," said Cathy DiBonaventura of uPenn Design. "It's very cost-effective, it's easy to administer and its support is superb. Render Rocket’s management tool allows me to quickly purchase and set up a bank of credits, and provides a quick snapshot of all of the student accounts, credits and rendering jobs completed. What's more, students no longer have to compete with other students for render machines or tie up their own systems with render jobs. They can kick off a render job from anywhere, which allows them to render faster and iterate more, both of which drive up the quality of their final designs." Render Rocket has also launched the Renewable Credit Program, which provides educational institutions with ongoing access to a set number of high-priority rendering credits per month at the lowest rendering price available: 12.5 cents per credit. Every month, the rendering credits are automatically renewed for the length of the contract, simplifying the management and purchase of rendering time. More information on renewable credits can be found here: http://support.renderrocket.com/entries/21691513-renewable-credits. Overall, the program provides students and educational institutions with a number of significance advantages, including: Access to high-priority cloud rendering at the lowest possible cost Removes the burden and cost of managing more rendering computers onsite Easier management of rendering resources Greater and easier student access to rendering power The educational program comes with a dedicated Render Rocket Account Manager and full technical support 7 days a week. To find out, contact sales@renderrocket.com, or visit the Education Program page on Render Rocket’s site at http://support.renderrocket.com/entries/21691423-render-rocket-educational-programs-and-pricing. About Render Rocket Render Rocket began selling remote rendering services to the media and entertainment industry in 2005 with a vision to deliver professional-level rendering power on-demand to any 2D and 3D production team, regardless of its size or location. Today Render Rocket is the leading cloud-based rendering solutions company and offers it's services to film, post production, visual effects, broadcast, universities, industrial design, automotive, architecture, game cinematics, and graphic design companies. It counts among its numerous customers companies such as Nike, Nokia, Superfad, Nickelodeon, Sony Imageworks, Lockheed Martin, THQ, The Antfarm, Picture Mill, NYU, Columbia University and Engine Room and many others. For more information, visit http://www.renderrocket.com or email contact@renderrocket.com. # # # © 2012. Render Rocket, LLC. “Render Rocket” is a registered trademark of Render Rocket, LLC. All other trademarks are property of their respective owner(s).
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