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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, so it's in the title really, I'm using a Vray Physical Camera, of which I've set all the relevant settings, and I've got my lighting just right. Then when I go to a perspective view the lighting is massively increased and burns out the scene. On a side point, through my camera render I can't see my environment sky through glass though in the burnt out perspective render I can, though this render is unusable obviously. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  2. Hi all So i've decided to take a leap from Mental Ray to V-Ray & I'm having an issue with the lighting/camera in my scene. It seems that it doesnt matter what values I use for my camera the lighting appears the same. For example when the scenes iso is at 0 it renders identical to the iso being at 600. (Same with shutter speed also.) I've browsed the net looking for answers but im not having much look. I'll attach a few screenies of my setup. Thanks.
  3. nkhn

    Vray sun & camera

    Has anybody used either the sun or the camera? Are there ANY benefits to it as opposed to Max defaults? Ive tried using vray phycamera & it took me double the time to render than it takes normally with max default camera. I did not notice any improvement in the picture & the camera felt very clumsy to handle. It was the same with the sun. Can anybody give me any tutorials that explain how to use these or at least some reason to use these?
  4. i have been working on a pretty intense zoo animation that is located in southern CA....i think its looking pretty good, but im open to ideas and advice. for instance maybe hazing out the background a bit? i tried messing with some fog and volume lighting, but had no success. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am using vray, with a vray sun and vray physical camera.
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