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Found 3 results

  1. This script allows you to convert Vrimg files to EXR . It is possible to convert the files into one EXR file with all channels or only selected channels to different EXR files. Script included to Trackscripts pack. Homepage URL: http://3d-kstudio.com/scripts/trackscripts Download URL: http://3d-kstudio.com/download
  2. Hello, How can I only render caustics and avoid having the little crosses when i use the VRayCaustics layer in vrimg ? I noticed I sometimes get these little crosses sometimes not. It maybe depends on the asked resolution... I'm also trying to script that. Thanks !
  3. Hello, I am willing to only render caustics with high resolution and high subdivs (~40000). 1-- Therefore, I remove the shadows and toggle the global switch "Don't render final image". It works very fine until the very end of the rendering. Then I have too much memory used so Max crashes. -> Why does this happen only when the rendering has just finished and not before ? 2-- To avoid this memory problem, I ask VRay not to "render to memory frame buffer" and I save the rendering to a vrimg. -> I get nothing if "Don't render final image" is set. Is there a way to save an unfinished image ? 3-- So I do the rendering entirely and extract the "VRayCaustics" element (set from Render Elements) from the generated vrimg. I am using vrimg2exr. I get crosses instead of dots; this layer is not the same image as if I was simply rendering onto the memory frame buffer. -> Is there a way to extract a caustic render from a saved caustic map ? I am willing to script the rendering and the saving of my high res caustics so I can make a movie from it. I'm using VRay 1.50 with 3dsMax 2011 under Windows 7 (using VMware on several macs). Thank you very much for your precious help !!
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