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Hi All,


This is my first attempt at modelling and rendering in 3ds Max! This is a project for Uni, and will eventually be an animation but wanted to post up some stills and get some feedback before rendering it all out.


Not really happy with the external shot, but still need to model adjacent buildings, so hopefuly this will help.


All comments and criticism will be greatly appreciated!


3ds Max 2009, Rendered with Mental Ray.




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Digging the interiors...

Nice angle on the table-n-chairs

The exterior is a bit off. I know it's in an isolated environment, but something doesn't seem right.

The art gallery is good.

there are a LOT of spot lights hanging down from the ceiling.


good stuff! Good on ya, mate.

Keep posting!

I'm loving the new mental ray in 2009.

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there are a LOT of spot lights hanging down from the ceiling.


Lol, there are even more in the actual building! Although now that you mention it I do think that they look a bit too big, will scale them down a bit.


Will keep playing with the exterior, but yea, like you say, definately something not quite right.


Thanks for your feedback!

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The interior images look very good for your first 3d.


I noticed that the camera angles seem a bit twisted, but I do not if that is the effect that you want to get, if that is the case then should be a bit more, is not try to straight them up.


The exterior image, I Think the brickwork is out of scale (big), you need to include reflection and refraction in your glass and you could squash the clouds in the background a bit, so you get a better sense of perspective.


Overall is a good Job

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Heres another version of the exterior shot.


Have spent ages playing with rendering settings trying to make this exterior shot look a bit better, with little success.


This was probably the best I managed to get, (ended up getting rid of the daylight system I used in the other shots, ad am using non-physical lights instead, and obviously the adjacent buildings need a bit of work...).


So thoughts? Is this actually any better than the first one? lol I can barely tell anymore...




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