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3D Studio Max to Google Earth conversion


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Hi everyone. I've created several models in 3d studio max 2009 that I ultimately want to be KMZ files in Google Earth. I'm keen to the idea that I can export my model in 3d studio max to sketchup and then to Google Earth. But I would like to skip Sketchup all together due to the complexity of my models.


I've seen that Google Earth now takes DAE Collada format and wanted to try to get my 3d studio max models into GE this way instead. I've exported the models in 3ds max to DAE (Collada) format and then brought this into GE (using the add model command) but nothing ever shows in GE! I've played around with the export DAE options in 3ds max but I'm still having no luck. Does anyone have any tips/advice for this DAE format conversion or just another quick ways to transform 3ds max models into Google Earth?





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the DAE exporter from max is not collada, or compatible with collada in some strange way.

so to get your models in GE the quickest is by going through sketchup. export your objects from max to 3ds and import that in sketchup.

from sketchup you could export to kmz directly using a snapshot out of GE. there are tutorials on this on the web.

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I am not so much interested in GE. But there is a need for my architect clients to be able to show their clients the design in 3D. Is sketchup not the medium for this? My client wants to navigate through my model in 3D space and not have to buy 3ds max. Had anyone found a solution? When I export to 3ds format and import in sketchup pro the scene looks like a yard sale. Parts all over the place. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks, Alan.

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