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Distributed Rendering Problem! Need Help!


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I have just set up vray distributed rendering. I am having 2 problems that I urgently need help with please!:


1. When I press render on my workstation, on the render node with vray spawner loaded vray comes up with this vray warning "This file was created with an older version of the vray renderer. etc etc" and I have to press the ok button to get it to work. And YES - the version of vray are identical on each machine (the exact same install). Please help?


2. Sometimes the render node machines (slaves) render the wrong thing in all their buckets while my workstation always renders what is supposed to render. I have attached and image that demostrates this...the object has been changed from red to yellow but the slave machines don't render that change


So if I make any small change in the scene...the workstation buckets render it correctly but the slaves buckets render it wrong.


I have tried saving the scene and then pressing render but this makes no difference.


Could anyone help please...I'm desperate!



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first of all, make sure that all the maps are in folders which are accesible from all the slaves or nodes, of course in yor workst. too.

2- make sure that in "configure user paths", in "EXTERNAL FILES" all the nodes have the path to those folders with your maps are.


done all this, in 2009 versions, you have to restart your vray spawner every time you render something, in every node, is very extrange, but i cant find why is that, in max 9 didn't happen.


If someone knows...

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Cheers for you response alvstel, I have double checked that all maps etc are accessible to all machines and that doesn't seem to be the problem.


In the test rendering that I attached with this thread...there were no maps, just colours... and it was still getting it confused.


Is there any other solution besides restarting the vray spawner on each machine?

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