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I see people with little stars under their name, is that not a rating derived from voting??
That has bothered me from the start--not enough to go to the trouble of turning the 'feature' off, but I don't think it terribly helpful to be rated or rate others in such an arbitrary way. I have simply chosen to ignore it, and not 'vote' on the quality of other people on the forum.
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Is competition not fun?
yeah, and we do have a Challenge round here, but to make every post to the gallery threads part of a competition defeats the purpose.


People post their work here more than to just supply eye candy, they either want feedback and critique. People will point out weak aspects and try to help improve them, or if someone post a great image and others ask for information on techniques employed then a discourse is created between various people, and something is learned.






helps nobody

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Is competition not fun?

What is wrong with friends competing against each other, have younever played a round of golf, game of tennis or squash, even chess for those less sporty geeks out there

Well I think it should be pointed out that when you compete in the above activities, take golf for instance, each player begins at the same point and must play by the same rules to achieve the objective of the game. One person can't start in the fairway or pick up the ball and throw it on the green. For a voting gallery each image will be a unique creation, with a unique building, site, etc. It's not like a challenge where everyone has the same building to start with or the same site to work from. The challenge is a competion because it has rules for each participant which makes it possible for a voting system. Your system would put a house against a office building against a skyscraper against a school. How is that competition? Would it be fair to only require one golfer to land on the green while another has to putt the ball in the hole and still another has to just get it close? I just don't see how or why this would work.... :D
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Short of a very indepth golf analogy, I was not aware the CGA community felt so strongly against a merit rating for work well done, It seems a lot of this community are trying to protect their little safe haven from the rest of the big bad competitive, merit awarding society, like the previously mentioned major companies.


Well, Sleep safe tonight in the knowlegde that no one is judging your precious art-

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Well condesending comments like that really help change my mind. :ngelaugh:


The heated discussions here are usually the more interesting but if you are going to just give up and discredit other peoples opinions with one sweeping statement well then maybe you haven't thought your argument through enough.


Thats just my opinion.

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i agree completely with your last comments sawyer.


sgee - that last comment you made really was childish and complete cr*p. that IS NOT how us non-competition folk view life i'm afraid. it really doesn't help any community spirit taking umbridge like that.


ppl on both sides of the argument have their own opinions. both ppl are right and wrong. that must be respected, not dissed.


if you want competition go to a competition site.

if you want a monthly (or bi-monthly) competition, excellent crits and suggestions then stay here and enjoy :)

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  • Administrators

Alrighty then. Guess I should step in now that this thread has gone on for a while.


Here are the issues with voting on images and I'll explain why they are not valuable and do not work. First take a second to go over the links section of the site. Now browse a few of the sites and tell me that the ratings that people have given to sites match..not even close. Some of the worst sites out there have 5 stars and some of the most talented artists on the planet get one star. What this tells me is that people can not cast an honest vote - even on this site. Ok now it was brought to light that CGchallenge does voting, but there is something that many of you may not realize. The awards on that site are given based upon the decision of a panel of judges, not the public votes. Why? Simple, becuase it was proven that people were tainting the results by getting all their friends to vote.


Ok so those are the logistical reasons voting does not work, however do I think there should not be voting? Yes and no. I don't think assining votes based upon stars or numbers should be or ever will be allowed on this site, however I do want to eventually implement an "elite" gallery down the road. When this does happen is will be created based upon a panel of professionals that choose an image each month or so. The nominations and voting will be done by the judges as this is the only fair way to do this.


As far as critiquing images we have a final work forum and this allows users who want their work to be critiqued to be critiqued by professionals. Not everyone wants their work to be critiqued so we have to respect those wishes. If the do then they have the oppoutunity to do so.


Now what might be an interesting idea is to have people nominate an image from the gallery that the majority agree is really well done and then invite that artists to share their thought process on how they created it, tell us more about the image and if they choose perhaps tell us about some of the techniques they used. Of course this means I would have to add a flag so that people can choose if they want to be included for possible selection. But it's doable.


What do people think of this? This idea will require help from many of you to work successfully however.

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Well, I seem to to have offended a couple last night with my closing statement.


To those that it offended, my apologies. It was a cheap shot....


Now I must congratulate Jeff on the most sensible reply to date. If only you were there at the start, I am sure it would have not gone on for so long.


I like your idea of the elite gallery, the point that I raised were macromedia award the best sites. THis gets used on the winning companies portfolio. It would be good if CGA could do something like that. As mentioned before the client never really appreciates our work to the extent that a fellow professional does. And it would be wonderful to go to an interview, bid for a job, whatever with a couple CGA awards to your name.


now I understand the public voting gets distorted, you just have to look at my RATING on this site, HA :ngelaugh:


So a panel of professional, will always be welcome


CGA is becoming a leader in CG for architecture, and it would be far more beinficial to get awards, and praise than from a general CG site.

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1.-what happend if a "Client" comes to CGA.com ??? he looked only people with 5 stars???


2.-We have a featured Site, thats good, maybe we need a featured artist or gallery ....¿???


3.-the featured gallery sound nice for the 2004 Calendar...


4.-semester nominations ??? .... "the First Semester Academy Awards " ( Best camera position. best Brazil imagen, best FR imagen. Best NPR imagen.. etc etc ... And the winner Is.... Maybe the trophy can be named JEFFs, Like Oscars :p ..... LOL... ( just joking )



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Hi all,


I'm pretty late to join too, but imho voting is out of the question.


What initially starts as good idea corrupts really fast because the desire to win does not let people make unbalanced votes. Some of the desires I've seen in the past...


1) nice image, but i'm in the challenge too... ZERO!

2) very nice image, but my friend is in the competition too... ONE!

3) very bad image, but hey it's mine... FIVE!

4) rather bad image but I have many friends... 10 THREE... etc...


Basicly, it's not the BEST image that wins, but the one with the biggest mailinglist supporters that can add good votes to themselves and bad ones to competitors.


What I've seen on the internet where too many people hide behind their nick - tnx god not here at CGA! - is that competition is fun, but screwing up things wrongly is even more fun!


Remember www.hotornot.com? It's damn fun to give one star to a chick and a 10 to any ugly bitch...

(no comment...)


Exactly this makes voting system useless on the net, except when a jury is chosing of course...


So I'm definately against a voting system, unless we want to trade in the professionalism here at cga...





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my $.02's worth!


I think that 'voting for your favourite image' has no place or meaning on a professional site.


I think Jeff's idea of the site selecting a 'jury' of our peers to periodically review the quality of the work being submitted and identifying cg artists who's work is of a consistently high quality and who are willing to share some of their approaches to their work is an excellent idea. It would add yet another reason why most of us continue to check out this site 2-10 times a day


The objective of this site should be 'raising the bar' and 'helping us to do better work' and not getting 'little gold stars from our teacher'

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