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Problem with AXYZ 3D human models.


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I am having trouble with a AXYZ HD evo2 - BMan0005.


My problem is that when trying to scale the model from cm (Original file unit) to mm. When I merge the model into my scene the model gets bloated (fat).


I have followed the user manual following the models, and the problem still persists.


Please see the attached picture


I have also tried the procedure I found in another post by Diego from Axyz:





1 Meters = 39.3700787 inches


1) Open a model

2) Go to Customize and select units setup.

3) Set Display unit scale and System unit setup in Feet.

4) Select character's root. For example CManXXX-Bip.

5) Go to Motion and in the Biped menu select "FIGURE MODE"

6) Inside "Structure" menu you can modify character's height.

If character is 1,788m you must enter 70,39 inches.

7) Save character.

8) You can now merge it into your scene withought problems.




With Max 6.0 you may have some problems with character's necks.

To solve this you have to:


1) Go to Display and select unhide all.

2) Select biped's neck

3) Go to Motion and in the Biped menu select "FIGURE MODE".

4) Move your neck to the correct position.




The best way to move and rotate characters is creating a group.


a) Select mesh and all bones and create a group.

b) Open group and load mocap data.

c) Close group.

d) Use move and rotate tools to place the character to the desire place.




I still have the problem!


Can anyone please help me with this.?



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