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3DS Max Design 2013 linking Revit RVT fiels


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I'm starting to work with direct links the Revit 2013 RVT files vs having to create AutoCAD geometry or FBX format.


What I'm wondering is what the best workflow would be and which files should I be linking?


Example Revit Project Files:

- bldg_struct.rvt (bldg_arch.rvt is linked in)

- bldg_arch.rvt (bldg_struct.rvt is linked in)


Should I link bldg_struct.rvt AND bldg_arch.rvt


Create a new clean revit file (bldg_all.rvt), and link both bldg_arch and bldg_struct in this file.


Inside 3DS Max, I would link only the bldg_all.rvt?



I'm finding if I link them separate inside MAX I get the linked files coming in as well.

Anyone else working with Revit direct linking inside max that can shed some light on this?






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The linked Revit file gives you whatever is linked in there inside of Revit. If you don't want a liked file in Revit importing into Max, you need to hide it in your 3d view from Revit.


The best workflow is to not import a bloated Revit file and keep your max structure clean. Hide what you don't need in Revit and only import the stuff you will actually see in the render. IE if you don't see the structural components, don't link them into Max.

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The structure is part of the architectural features and must be included.

Because the central files are controlled by others, I will try and create a separate file and adjust what is shown.

My render times are bad at the moment as I'm linking By Material.


Thanks for the tips.



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