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Low CPU usage when rendering in 3D Max


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Hi Guys,


I ve ran into a situation with one of my scenes where it is taking ages to render in Mental ray (studio max 2014). The render size is 600x600 with draft render settings everything set to low in the render window settings. I then looked into my CPU usage and noticed that it fluctuates between 2% and 40% and never reaches 100%. I will normally leave to pc to do its own thing without interruption. usually it hangs round 10-20% for most of the time.


I have enable Multi-threading, set the 3D Max to highest priority in process tab and affinity is on all CPUs.


I noticed with another scene the CPU will only reaches 100% usage when the render is nearly complete. Also pre render tasks for these scenes will take longer than usual calculating.


I have exhausted my search for an answer, please help. If I have left vital information out please let me know and I will post it.


PC specs are:


2 CPUs - Xeon E5620 @2.40GHz = 16 threads

Qaudro 4000



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