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Problem with Hair and Fur working with Xrefs

Ramon Folguera

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Hello everyone,


I have been doing my own research about this modifier so I know how to make it work. The problems began when I was working in a Scene with Xrefs. One for the furniture, and one for the modelling of the house.


My conclusions were:

-The hair and fur renders well when the Xref of the furniture is disabled, but the Xref of the model of the house doesn't affect to the render, it renders the hair well with it on and off. Why? Have no idea.

-If I merge the furniture Xref in the Scene then it renders well, the hair and everything works fine. But I would like to know how to make it work with the Xref.

-It doesn't even work if I merge just the rug but leave the furniture as a Xref.


(It is not about the settings because rendering just the rug works perfectly fine. vray, mr prim, plugin loaded, everything right)


I hope someone can help me to resolve this doubt. Would be really convenient for next projects where they have to be done with Xrefs.


Thank you very much in advance.


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