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Does anybody know of software techniques to render progressive build ups?

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Hi all


Im working on a project that i want to animate the build up of. Basically what i'm looking for is something along the lines of this video, 4:03 on-wards to be precise:


done by students in Harvard.


I'm assuming there's various ways of achieving this, the way i was thinking was to building up my model in rhino and edit each structural member manually, then save as, as if each file was a frame, then rendering each file; but that seems preposterous.


I was wondering if there is a program, or tool/command in a program, that can achieve the progression effect?

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hi there


recently i had to animate a project of mine. I used 3ds max to model it and animate it. what i did was I selected all objects, then right click anywhere in the scene and chose Object Properties.

on the window that showed up on Rendering Control I changed the amount to 0, then OK. After that I pressed Auto Key to set the first frame of the animation, then I moved the slider to frame 20 and right click again to get to the rendering control. Then i put 1 on visibility.

After that right click on the scene again and chose Dope sheet. Then i clicked on Edit Ranges (second icon,top-left).

When you scroll down on the left side you will see the name of each object in the scene. Manipulate them the way you want them to show up in the animation.

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