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i7 7700K or i7 8700K (3DMax Vray)

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Dear All,


I am upgrading my PC mainly for 3DS Max and Vray rendering. I am not sure whether to go for i7 7700k or i7 8700k. As I searched on the net i7 7700k has 4 cores and higher clock frequency. i7 8700k has lower base clock frequency but 6 cores. I am not looking at over clocking the processers. As per my understanding, i7 8700k would be more beneficial to 3DS Max and Vray as they can take advantage of 6 cores. Please let me know if I am correct. What should be the wattage of Power Supply for the below configuration?


Intendend Configuration:

Processor: i7 8700k

RAM: 16 GB (Will add 16 GB more next month)

Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 1050 TI 4 GB OC




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