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Studio/Institution: Personal
Genre: Residential Interior
Software: Vray, 3ds max

I'd really appreciate some feedback on this image.


I've been away from archviz for a while and have recently jumped back in.


Any improvements would be greatly appreciated along with how to implement them.




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overall nice work, maybe it should be a little brighter but that's my personal opinion.

Also, my OCD ask me why you didn't fit the whole table and chairs in the shot. if it is cropped, you'll have to crop more, but as is now just a little of the table is cut out and a little part of the chairs legs are cut, it feels like you could just back up just a little to fit everything

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Thank you for taking the time to reply.


In relation to the brightness.

I think this was down to the calibration of my monitor (i think the monitor was too bright) because when I opened it on my SP4 I could tell it was a bit dark.


In relation to the table and chairs.

I was using a reference image from houzz.com and I was copying their composition. I'll play around with the composition and see how it looks.





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I would turn the lights on.


I was going to say that.


Otherwise, as also said, the composition is not good. It is currently a picture about the chairs, particularly about the chair on the right. Is that what you were trying to do? Back up and re-frame. The art is not doing you any favors. It picks up the perspective lines of the tabletop and caries back into the distance--thus exiting the room. You need to stop the 'falling into a hole' effect. Try a Mark Rothko - type abstract that has a horizontal structure. And either change or remove the objects on the sideboard. They are not coordinated and distract. So they do not add any elements to the story and distract by looking randomly chosen. Think about a curated display.


The floor looks good!

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