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Where to go from here?!

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Good Morning Everyone!

so here i am a bachelor degree graduate in Architectural Building Engineering. I have above average knowledge of Revit, and below average knowledge of other 3D modeling software's such as 3D Studio Max. Actually 3DS Max is the only 3D modeling software i am some what familiar with. i am very interested in expanding my knowledge in the 3D modeling world and want to be proficient using the different software's to make amazing Renders like the ones i have seen on this site.


My question is where do i go from here, as in practicing with various software. what software's do people recommend and any website that offer good online training. I liked 3DS Max a lot but is it really the best way to go with what i want to eventually accomplish?


Thank you.

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6 threads down form this, the exact same question was posed.



As far as tips on good training websites, YouTube is an obvious choice but you have to watch out for bad techniques and bad videos. Lynda and Pluralsight are both good paid websites that will give you a decent all around training. Evermotion and Digital Tutors are both good as well, but can get a little too hyper specific at times.


Amazing renders are far beyond just knowing software, the software is ~15% of it. You really need to study art, composition, lights, colors, etc. Start by looking at some of the Old Masters and going to art museums. Take a digital photography class as well if you can.

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