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Archviz interior tutorials for Blender from GarageFarm.NET Academy

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Hey guys.

I thought I would share with you a series of tutorials for creating architectural vizualisations in Blender. They are arranged according to difficulty level, so if you are new to Blender,  you can do it one after another and build your skills gradually. By completing the whole series, you will create a Blender-made industrial styled loft bedroom visualization.

Blender picture frames in 5 MINUTES!
Quickly add images to your scene and add adjustable frames using curves in Blender. Enhance your interior with all the art in just 5 minutes.


Blender tutorial | photorealistic pallet
A tutorial showing how to model and texture a photorealistic pallet in blender 3d.


Blender loft interior tutorial series | part 1: the floor
An opening to a series of tutorials for intermediate users who want to improve their interior visualization skills with Blender 3D. The series will cover making a full loft bedroom interior scene including modeling/texturing/lighting as well as some free high-quality assets for download.
This first tutorial covers creating a photorealistic wooden floor with a powerful archipack addon (preinstalled in blender 2.79) and using just cc0 free textures

Blender loft interior tutorial series | part 2: the factory
This part covers creating walls with windows and a concrete ceiling with powerful archipack addon (preinstalled in blender 2.97) and using just cc0 free textures (download links below)


Blender loft interior tutorial series | part 3: industrial feel
in this episode, we focus on adding stylish industrial details to the space like the metal staircase (using archipack) or the ventilation tube.


Blender loft interior tutorial series | part 4: the bed
This part covers creating a bed with a base of pallets.


Blender loft interior tutorial series | part 5: the lamp
This part covers creating a detailed rusty lamp using different modeling techniques such as bezier curves and mesh modeling, procedural, and image-based texturing. We also take a look at the blender's texture painting mode. Finally making a decorative retro-styled lightbulb.


Blender loft interior tutorial series | part 6: the rug
in this episode, we create a realistic hairy cowhide rug using the blender's particle system and procedural textures.


Blender loft interior tutorial series | part 7: the details
In this episode, we are taking an overall look at the scene and think over finishing it with necessary assets. Finding inspiration and reference is important to deliver a specific and interesting style in your renders.


Blender loft interior tutorial series | part 8: the camera
This time DJ sets the focus on the camera as the crucial tool to make your renders really great.


How to make a frosted window in blender cycles  
In this video DJ shows his frost-covered windowpane shader for blender cycles and breaks down his node graph creation process.


How to model realistic curtains in Blender
In this tutorial, DJ shows how to make a realistic window curtain using the wave modifier (you can do similar stuff by hand using proportional editing with appropriate falloff too ) and blender's clothism along with shape keys. 


How to make realistic translucent curtains in Blender (shading nodes)
Setting up material nodes can seem daunting but it is really fun and easy especially in the new 2.80 (beta) which gives some workflow improvements such as the wrangler addon by default.


How to make a camera fly-through animation in blender 2.8 tutorial
In this tutorial, DJ jumps into blender 2.8 beta to make a camera fly-through animation out of the loft interior scene created in our tutorial series (but you can use the technique for any scene of your own).


Fire simulation in Blender tutorial
A very useful tutorial explaining how to create fire simulation in Blender. You can use this technique to create a fireplace adding a warm mood to your interior visualization. 


I hope you will find them useful :)

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Hey, I'm adding another video, it's more general but I think very interesting. 

DJ vs Tom Archviz Battle - get the most out of 2 artist's workflows.

Prepare for some raw live emotion in 3D!
Two seasoned archviz artists are going for a CG battle with their recent photorealistic interior creations!
They will show you the forbidden secrets of their craft including speedups/hacks using external assets and plugins to boost your artworks. 
Our two challengers are: 
DJ – an adept at the renegade Blender 3D school, challenging the industry-standard ways to reach the Holy Grail of CG. He will showcase his fresh Scandinavian kitchen project using Corona renderer and 3dsMax with Blender as a secret modeling backbone of the project. 
Tom - a pro render wrangler with some serious art superpowers, rendering photoreal still shots and crafty animations using 3dsMax and Corona as his main combo. He will share his latest living room project's behind the scenes to knock out DJ and blow your minds.
Struggling to push your archviz martial arts to the next level? 
Learn from our in-house champions and may the best render win!


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