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Address resistance to change when implementing BIM in traditional construction firms

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How to address resistance to change when implementing BIM in traditional construction firms?

  • At BimOffis, we've faced similar hurdles. Here’s how we approach it:

Firstly, it’s crucial to acknowledge the concerns of your team. Change can be daunting, and for many in construction, traditional methods are tried and true. We begin by listening, understanding their apprehensions, and then clearly communicating the benefits—not just in terms of project outcomes, but how it can make their daily tasks easier and more efficient.

Education plays a key role. We invest time in comprehensive training that goes beyond just the "how" to use BIM, but also the "why" it’s beneficial. This helps in transforming uncertainty into confidence.

We also start small, implementing BIM in phases. This allows everyone to experience firsthand the improvements in collaboration, the reduction in errors, and cost savings on smaller projects, which often wins over skeptics.

Lastly, celebrating small wins is important. When our teams see positive results, even on a small scale, it boosts their willingness to adapt BIM more fully. At BimOffis, we’ve found that fostering an environment where feedback is encouraged and success is shared, helps in easing the transition immensely.


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