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Found 5 results

  1. Has anyone seen good AR for exterior architectural visualizations?
  2. Hello, I am Siddharth, doing VR Archviz projects. I am doing an archviz project and here i am facing one issue. IN UE 4, Player locomotion movement gets disables when I interact with any colider. e.g. when i am moving (locomotion) using quest controller and hits with some collider, the movement gets disabled and player cannot move. Can anyone please let me know what could be the reason behind this?
  3. I've just joined CGArchitect, so I thought that I'd introduce myself. I am the CEO of Extality, which has offices in San Diego, San Francisco and Cologne (Germany). I am an entrepreneur who has previously started 3 other software companies. Also, in what feels like a past life, I worked for Autodesk for 4 years. Extality is a fairly new company (18 months old). We are focused exclusively on developing augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality solutions for enterprise clients. We have assembled a world-class team of dedicated industry professionals who are delivering creative and reliable solutions to organizations facing complex challenges. Our team is deeply involved with the Magic Leap One and other innovative mixed reality devices. I've joined CGArchitect because we seem to be gaining a lot of traction with large architectural and construction firms. We've built a system that allows us to visualize large scale architectural renderings in augmented reality in real-time. In effect, we take CAD data (Revit or equivalent) and linked construction timelines or build-out phases (eg. Revit + Navisworks, Synchro) and we put the result directly onto the boardroom table (live, in 3D) for groups of people to view and discuss. I am here to learn and to educate myself on the community. If any of what I've described is in any way of interest to you or your firm, please do reach out here or on LinkedIn. I'm looking to get connected with more people of like mind. The future is bright. There are amazing technology solutions coming soon.
  4. So I have a client interested in utilizing Augmented reality for marketing purposes. What that exactly means the client is leaving up to me. Whats your experience with delivering architectural interactive augmented models to a client. What programs are you using or recommend not using. And whats the best way of presenting something like this for marketing. I've created and uploaded 3D models from MAX to the Augment app but its more of an in office demonstration tool, not really something you package and the client can take with them and share with others like a website link. There's also the need for a tracker. I searched in past threads and it's more of the same. The client has to download the app and whoever they send it to also has to download the app. Surely by now there's new programs or websites that I'm missing. Is there a workflow similar to panoramic tours where just you upload 360 renderings to a site and email a link?
  5. I’m Mickaël, co-founder of Augment, a free mobile app to easily visualize 3D models of architecture in Augmented Reality, as you can see in this video : You can download Augment for free on iPhone, iPad and Android. Contact me if you wanna know more.
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