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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I recently had problems with the prepass technique for animation in vray, but I got it to work and now I got the render looking the way I need it to. I'm beginning to get frustrated with this rendering technique though because another problem has arisen. I have incredibly long renders when rendering out in batch render when I haven't before. When I say incredibly long renders I am talking about 1-1.5 hours long per frame. However, when I render it in the frame buffer it is only taking around 3-4 minutes per frame. My computer is running fine and runs everything else fine. It renders out fine in the frame buffer. I haven't the slightest clue why this is happening so any help would be greatly appreciated as I am out of ideas and would love to get this project done and over with. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me! *Render settings are all correct except the do not render final image is unchecked instead of being checked. EDIT: The only thing I can think of that is maybe to problem is that when it is batch rendering it is almost like it isn't using the full amount of my computer resources, but when in frame buffer or render viewer it is. I don't think that it's my computer is to slow because the scene isn't complicated, my computer runs other things fine, and I've rendered out other more complex scenes faster than this. I am also using nparticles and ncache in my scene if that matters at all. I don't know how to bake that stuff out if that also matters.
  2. Hi experts, In a T shirt the are two components. I want them to render separately in two frame. like the sleeve first then the body and then collar. and want them to be saved in a different name. like "collar" instead of "collar0000", "body" instead of "collar0001" and "sleeve" instead of "collar0002". So is there anyway to do it ? or any script? Thanks in advance for your valuable help. regards
  3. Hello Everyone! I am trying to batch render stills for an animation, and have a color and ambient occlusion pass. When I batch rendered other projects, the color and occlusion passes would both be in my images folder. For some reason, the color pass batch rendered but not the occlusion pass on my last project. Is there a way to batch render just the occlusion pass without redoing the color pass? I'm using Maya. Thanks!
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