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Found 3 results

  1. Cebas is inviting all of you members and users to submit your work on our Facebook page and brag about your skills using cebas tools We are very excited to see your work get the recognition it deserves Let us know which cebas product you used and don't forget to add it to your portfolio collection in our online gallery Keep them coming Regards, Cebas Team
  2. Hello, I am willing to only render caustics with high resolution and high subdivs (~40000). 1-- Therefore, I remove the shadows and toggle the global switch "Don't render final image". It works very fine until the very end of the rendering. Then I have too much memory used so Max crashes. -> Why does this happen only when the rendering has just finished and not before ? 2-- To avoid this memory problem, I ask VRay not to "render to memory frame buffer" and I save the rendering to a vrimg. -> I get nothing if "Don't render final image" is set. Is there a way to save an unfinished image ? 3-- So I do the rendering entirely and extract the "VRayCaustics" element (set from Render Elements) from the generated vrimg. I am using vrimg2exr. I get crosses instead of dots; this layer is not the same image as if I was simply rendering onto the memory frame buffer. -> Is there a way to extract a caustic render from a saved caustic map ? I am willing to script the rendering and the saving of my high res caustics so I can make a movie from it. I'm using VRay 1.50 with 3dsMax 2011 under Windows 7 (using VMware on several macs). Thank you very much for your precious help !!
  3. Studio/Institution: MBA Studios - 3D Images & Visual Effects Genre: Commercial Interior Software: 3D Studios MAX, finalrender Website: http://www.mba-studios.de Description: Interior rendering of an office lounge done with 3d Studio MAX and finalrender.
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