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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I have a client, who is demanding specific tree in their renders, Unfortunately, I don't have anything near that. This tree is having some nice quantity of flowers on the head. I searched Archmodels, Cgaxis, Xfrog almost everywhere and Even my client send a something he wants in someone's walkthrough. This thing is a pain in my head. Please suggest where this is from or where can I find a similar thing. I also tried with Onyx and Speedtree but Speedtree is very time-consuming and Onyx can't have flowers, If they made it in Growfx or something, Atlease something near can be found! Pic:
  2. Hey, I am 3dsmax/Vray Visualizer. I am always struggling for nice intensity for Greenary and Foliage. My Trees, Ivy, Grasses, Bushes and any kind of planting renders a bit dark and low exciting. I really pushed my self into this, I am sick of these. I tried everything I can do. I used, Archmodels, CGAxis, Itoo Presets, Laubwrek, iGrasses, iBushes and iTrees but there is no success. I attached my render and Real Archmodels PDF Smaple pic. See difference your self. I used and Vizpark HDRI with quite nice intensity. If I put Higher Values than I am near of what I want but it burns out whole scene. Also attaching lots of Images that describes how I need my Greens to look like. Thanks in Advance ! [ATTACH=CONFIG]53609
  3. So I've been hacking away at this for a few days solid now. It's a personal project and one that I hope will take my work to a new level. Sick of producing mediocre stuff. I saw this short last week and have been wanting to do a similar project for a while now. It's a harder than it looks... (if you want to see the short it's here, otherwise here are notable stills from Ruin): [ATTACH=CONFIG]47351[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47352[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47353[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47354[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]47355[/ATTACH] and here's their web site with a fair ol' bunch of making of stuff. It was made in Modo and Lightwave. This is the only info I've found on how they do the foliage: "Essentially I made ivy 'feathers' that I cover the buildings with. All the grass is with dpinstance." finally, here are my attempts so far. I'm trying my best to use free plugins, so I've used ivy generator and replaced the ivy leaves with bunches of leaves and made the leaf geometry large. Also using Forest Pack Lite in the most hacked way possible e.g. turning bushes on their side and pushing their tops through the face of a building to simulate growth... (see next post, can't attach more than 5 images)
  4. Hi Everybody, I am completely new to 3Ds Max. Untill now I was rendering small buildings in AutoCAD Architecture (nightmare and very poor results). What amazes me in Max are very realistic trees and plants (I have never used .3ds or .obj, all finishes I have done in Photoshop). I have some library of objects (.obj) but I am clueless how to apply materials to get realistic leaves, flowers etc. Could somebody help me, please?
  5. Hi, Please could you advise which plugin is best for shrubs, bushes, foliage and trees for architectural 3D Imaging 3D Animation 3dsmax renders. Thanks for any advice.
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