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Found 4 results

  1. i tried Iray on 2014 3ds max, this one took one hour render, only two photometric lights, and still so grainy and bad, is there somehing wrong, because i know GPU should be much faster than CPU, my graphic card is : Quadro 4000
  2. Hello everyone ! I guess i have a serious problem!! when i'm working with Iray activeshade using threads (12) the rendering isn't that fast but i'm able to move the frame buffer, opening material editor and so on, really fast BUT when i even try to take GPU advantage rendering going FASTER but all in viewport is slowed down so becomes quite impossible to do any changes !!! just yesterday i've tried a friend's laptop with a "normal" video board and was absolutelly perfect!!! SO why my Quadro 5000 act like that??? ....i've downloaded the last upgrade for both video bord and max 2014 (but was the same with 2013) Can anybody HELP me out???? PLEASEEEE thank you Soooooo much! filippo
  3. Hi, I am learning 3ds max, and one great way to learn is with the simple renderer iRay. Problem is I woke this morning expecting a crisp clear image after leaving the computer to render for 12 hours. My computer is also pretty fast ( specs below ) can anybody please advise how i can fix the noise problem i am having? Andrew Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) 3.47 GHz Intel Core i7 X990 Multi-core ( 6 total ) Hyper Threaded ( 12 Total ) 5TB of useable harddrive space, consisting of 4 Drives ( 2 of which are Raid ) ASUSTeK SABERTOOTH X58 Motherboard 24.0 GB RAM AMD RADEON HD 6900 Series Display Adaptor.
  4. Somewhat new to Iray in 3ds Max, need help with interior lighting I am trying to render an interior scene with iray in 3ds max 2012. This room does not have any windows and is dependent upon the interior lights. Are there certain special settings that I should be using for an interior shot? The scene is very dark and I cant seem to fix it. Please help, thanks
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