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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, CGArch`s ladies and gentlemen)) My name is Alexandr, aka AlexAndRiEL, and i want to introduce myself. I am 27 and I`m a newbie here, but not so in the whole CG world. I`ve started my path to the three dimensional fairytale more than 15 years ago with 3d studio max 3 from discreet and a pack of printed tutorials from internet. From 2005 i have collected some works and experience (as i thought) and began my commercial road with the working at the little company. But in the next 6 month decided to go to freelance. It was so long, hard and spiked, but incredibly interesting, way. Lots of falls and uprising. Took part in many projects in various areas. It was "samsung" website (2006year) and "heineken" game for web (2012), "baltika" website (2013) and "relotti" web-catalogue (2009-2010) etc. Now my primary target is motion and postproduction for any type of content. Using of 3ds max, vray, fusion, some SonyVegas , photoshop as usual and an army of plugins (RayFire, Krakatoa, RealFlow, FumeFX, ...) Some of my works are present in my blog http://3dandriel.blogspot.ru/ (last posts written in eng) Also i am TurboSquide member http://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Artists/AlexAndRiEL P.S.: I am searching for employment in US/Canada
  2. Helloo, I need to do an animation of a project which is basically something like a 'living' membrane/ street installation/flat surface placed on the street where people will pass through and it will light up gradually and move accordingly to people's movement up and down.. What kind of software shall I use? So far I tried to do it using print screens on photoshop but failed. Do you think adding it to3ds Max would be easier than using after effects? I just need a still camera showing the street and this surface and people/lighting/model's movement. Any suggestions? Thanks Eleni
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