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Found 18 results

  1. hi, as my job required, sometime i need find some people cutout for my job needed. i always find this -->people png to make my drawing completed, but still want to find out more resources like this, any suggestion??
  2. Hi everyone, I found some new free humans with animation a few days ago and I thought I'd share it with you. Maybe it can be useful for someone here:) https://3dpeople.com/en/free-3dpeople/
  3. I neend Arab people 3dmodels or cutout please give me any link from i can get this and any tutorial for add people in 3d scene
  4. I work at an architectural office. We have slowly been doing more and more renderings for clients. Our biggest issue is often a lack of good quality images of people to add to a scene. We are especially short of young kids for water themed parks and resorts. We have found the Viz people has the quality of people we like, but their options are limited to dull business people and a few other options. The also do not have a wide range of ages. Does anyone know of good sources for people? I have bought other "libraries" of people but many appear to be from someone who has just gone through online photography and cut out people. We need the lighting to be consistent in the people so the final rendering images look convincing.
  5. Hi, I'm looking to find a selection of people to drop into a series of architectural schemes we're currently working on. We're looking for 2D cutouts or 3D and need to be pretty selective in the style. We're after rural people around 25-30 - Think rural yuppies.. Here's an example: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/developer/branch/Stonewood-Homes-Ltd/Coming-Soon---Babdown-Farm-137984.html I've had a good look through the obvious sites but seem to have come out empty handed. If anyone has any suggests, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hi guys, i don't have money to give to Viz-People/vishopper/pay-me-five-dollars-for-a-nice-cutout-person site, to get a bunch of nice cutout people to put in my images. In the past, i used a premium account with DepositPhotos. It was ok, i found a lot of nice and original photos to cutout. Before renewing this account, i wanted to know if you ever tested other websites like istockphoto, 123rf, etc etc. Sometimes you find exactly the same photos as in Depositphotos, but i don't understand if one is better than the other for archiviz... Which site do you usually use ? P.S. Depositphoto you pay 60euros for nearly 150 photos/month
  7. Hi everyone, does anyone have any tips on where Luxigon and MIR find their 2D people? The people they composite seem very unique compared to the online libraries I've seen from epictor.com, viz-people.com, Doch3D, skalgubbar.se, mrcutout.com etc... Any recommendations would be helpful. Thanks in advance!!
  8. I am tasked with rendering out a scene in 3D MAX for a client. They are pushing for photorealistic people in the rendering. Typically we just add shadowed silhouettes so for this version we bought some "Resort" people (Kids and adults) (beach, pool, etc) with Alpha channels and mapped them onto planes in the scene and rendered them. But the people are not all photographed with the lighting the same, some have broad daylight, some have cloudy diffused light, and the shadows on their bodys are all different. I have tried to google good resources and what works best, but not to much avail. What are good resources for this stuff? Is a alpha channel mapped photo on a plane a good way to go?
  9. Hi all Can anyonw tell me a good source of realistic 3d people models?? I never seem to find anything good, and it's even worst in the case of moving people. thanks
  10. Hey, does anybody know about any useful resources for (free) cut-out Arab people? I desperately need them for my architectural school project (Islamic religious and cultural centre). Thanks in advance!!
  11. Helloo, I need to do an animation of a project which is basically something like a 'living' membrane/ street installation/flat surface placed on the street where people will pass through and it will light up gradually and move accordingly to people's movement up and down.. What kind of software shall I use? So far I tried to do it using print screens on photoshop but failed. Do you think adding it to3ds Max would be easier than using after effects? I just need a still camera showing the street and this surface and people/lighting/model's movement. Any suggestions? Thanks Eleni
  12. Hi to everyone! On this site it's possible to find absolutely for free a huge collection of cropped trees (plant, flowers, etc..) and people! They can be really useful when u need to refine a render! http://www.archivitamins.com/ Cheers!
  13. Does anyone know where i can find some military people for a still rendering of a project on a military base in the US? I cant seem to find them in any of my sources. Thanks.
  14. I'm wondering what you guys usually use to add people to renderings. In the past I have always added them in post (photoshop) which usually looked fine because my the people in my scenes were far enough away that the detail didn't need to be there. I am asked by my firm to do more and more interior renderings in which I find it easier to just omit people out of convenience. Every time I try to add some in post they look like they don't fit in so I'm avoiding using them altogether. I've read a little about RCPs and downloaded a few but I haven't been able to import them into my 3dsMax scene. From doing a little research it looks like you need a licensed plugin to do this. Another option I have tried with a less than decent result is finding a 3D modeled person on the Google Warehouse and rendering them out in my scene. How do you solve this problem? I'm willing to spend a little money if it is needed to download a set of 3D people for MAX but it seems like that might be overkill.
  15. Hi all, I currently putting together a 3d animation for an auditorium in Nigeria. The client has asked if I could populate the animation with some people and has also asked that I show black people. Now I don't normally add people to my animations as I think they generally spoil it. I used archvision RPCs where I used to work and they where ok I guess. I am a startup business so I cannot afford to spend a lot on getting these resources. I am finding that a lot of the 2d people packs you can buy have predominantly white folks in them. Does anyone know of a company that sells people packs based on ethnic groups. What is the current thoughts on using random people in picture from the web. I don't want to use people without permission as I have no control of where the images will be seen. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers, Paul
  16. Studio/Institution: Ho Chi Minh University of Architexture, Vietnam Genre: Other Software: Cinema 4D, Google Sketchup, Photoshop Website: http://dkmotion.blogspot.com Description: I made this as the front page for my team's scientific research document: temporary house for home less people after disasters. I had fun making it though there are some mistakes and aspects that are not so real. But in the end, Im pretty happy with it, feel free to comment
  17. Studio/Institution: Viz People Client: Internal work Genre: Office Interior Software: 3ds max, vray, photoshop Website: http://www.viz-people.com Description: Hi there, this is image we made for our latest product cover.
  18. Hey, so... first post in this forum, and I have a specific question. Let's say I'm designing a soccer stadium and for the three main presentation images I, of course, want the stadium to look alive (i.e. having it filled to the limits with people). How do I do this best? I have the actual stadium rendered and all, and I have now tried for days to add a convincing crowd, but nothing has come out satisfactory. Adding 10-12 people is pretty easy - adding hundreds or thousands of them is harder. Any suggestions to (or examples of) different approaches to achieving this? (the people of course doesn't have to be 100% life-like as long as it's a good representation of a cheering crowd... I'm sure you know what I mean) Thanks.
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