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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys! I`m new here. I found this theme through web http://forums.cgarchitect.com/71729-where-do-you-get-really-free-legal-music-walkthroughs.html on your forum. Wanted to give my 5 cents, but the thread is closed, so I decided to open a new one. Maybe I will help someone with this service. Despite, I am not familiar with architecture in depth, I know that music is playing essential role. I know there is a lot of different places for getting music for free or not. But, I want to recommend you this guy https://www.acousticbro.com. You can find there music for commercial use as well as non-commercial (free). He has some interesting royalty free music and background music and for quite fair price.
  2. Hi guys, i don't have money to give to Viz-People/vishopper/pay-me-five-dollars-for-a-nice-cutout-person site, to get a bunch of nice cutout people to put in my images. In the past, i used a premium account with DepositPhotos. It was ok, i found a lot of nice and original photos to cutout. Before renewing this account, i wanted to know if you ever tested other websites like istockphoto, 123rf, etc etc. Sometimes you find exactly the same photos as in Depositphotos, but i don't understand if one is better than the other for archiviz... Which site do you usually use ? P.S. Depositphoto you pay 60euros for nearly 150 photos/month
  3. As some of you might have heard already there was lately a lot of fuss in the industry among people selling their wares on Turbosquid (that's a site where people buy your models/textures for a certain commission). Turbosquid decided that they will be lowering their rate for the artists selling their products from 50% to 40%. They are also implementing something called the SquidGuild, sort of an elite club for artists that will be selling exclusively on Turbosquid for a 60% cut. The reaction wasn't hard to predict, couple of people removed there products from Turbosquid and moved to different sites, some even calling for an open boycott of the site. In the mean time a new forum was created for anyone interested in selling CG related products - 3D Stock Talk http://www.3dstocktalk.org where people can find some tips about where to buy and sell 3d models, how to deal with this rate cut and many other related issues.
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