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Importing a DWG with a Raster Image attached

James Clarke

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Anyone here successfully have a raster image reference come into Max when importing a DWG? How do you do it?


I saw recently that supposedly raster images should come across when you import into Max, but I've never found that to be the case and was wondering if anyone has suggestions.


I found a line from a Max6 extension subscription release that says:

"Supports Raster Images : A .jpg or a .bmp file can be inserted into AutoCAD and used as a template on which to draw. This Image Object is also translated by the 3ds max DWG reader."


Perhaps it has something to do with an autocad setting (of which I know nothing) or how the raster is put into the DWG. Right now I'm just attaching a JPG as a raster image to the DWG, upon import into Max nothing is displayed, I expected a plane to be created with the JPG mapped as a diffuse map in a standard material.


Thoughts? Thanks for the help...

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