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New revolutionary shader from Batzal Software


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You are all very welcome to take look on our new Ghost shader.

The Ghost shader adds transparency to whole 3D objects or particle effects instead of adding transparency to their surfaces and revealing all of the objects inside and changing their appearance.

It doesn't require queuing render passes, setting ups masks and composition and saves a lot of your valuable time.


Watch a demonstration clip on YouTube:



A free trial can be downloaded from Batzal Software's website: www.batzal.com

If you have a blog and you wish to cover the Batzal Ghost shader post a reply and we'll contact you and send you a full perpetual license.


Thank you,

Batzal Software

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currently it's best done in post beacuse you have no other option :)


Lets say you are working on a low budget medical presentation and you wish to hide body parts then hide parts of the medical device and then animate it with transparency.

(Of course, everything is done from several angles.)

Currently you will have to render 3 passes with possibly some masks for each shot, then compose them. Shadows and reflections are an additional headache.


OR, you can animate the transparency straight in 3d and just render

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