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What may i missed to achieve a realistic Scene?


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Hi guys

What really i m looking for is to create a realistic scene, this is my last render and i m looking for getting a better one, but i reach a place where i don't know what missed, the goal of this scene is to show this Villa (Design) in it's real environment.

Please, give me your opinion and specify your answer in an element or material or any thing you find it wrong





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I have been in the same place as you are... I was like, what is it that makes a realistic scene even if I am using all the techniques they use...


But then I figured it out... Think like a photographer, if you were to click a photo of the building in real life how would you compose the shot. Think more along the lines of composition and the overall feel of the shot. Don't restrict yourself with the technical stuff... Sketch a rough composition if you want to on a piece of paper.


Another thing I did to move forward is that I created a sphere and put the HDRI map I am using on it. and placed the sun in the same position as the sun in the HDRI, this makes a world of a difference... I didn't think it would make such a difference but it did.


As you have placed the objects in the scene as per the composition, you can go ahead and detail out some textures, create custom textures.

Try using Specular maps with Falloff, also Glossiness maps... keep in mind the glossiness map should be almost towards white, as the more towards black its going to introduce noise or time to render.


Make it Amazing looking in max raw render before taking it to PS, Add the final touches/finner details in PS...

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i guess that the main problem is about materials behaviours with lighting. It seems that there are not so much reflections (except the glass). Reflections are strongly missing in the black steel gate (it's steel, it must be really reflective) and lamps. They re missing also on the leaves of the tree in the right. Then the big gray bricks that i see like a sort of decoration, they must have some kind of textures, a dirt noisy texture, because they re really present in the scene, and they seem too similiar one with the other. You need to create imperfections to have a perfect image.


After that i would work on the background, because its not realistic. Good luck and keep it going!

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I'd like to add that it's the scene that makes it look unrealistic to me, not necessarily the building. A lot of the renders you see on here are new modern buildings placed in a desert, or a forest, etc. I don't really see any of those types of buildings in real life so it doesn't destroy the fantasy if they're placed in remote locations like I mentioned. In your case, that's a type of building I've seen before many times, and always in an urban setting. I see that render and I expect to see other buildings around it. It has roads, sidewalks, and even crosswalks suggest there's going to be some foot traffic, but... there is nothing around.


There's no context supporting that it's a real place, and that's what destroys the image in my mind. The setting so out of place for me.

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Thanks a lot

as you said Marco there are not enough ( real) reflection in the scene i noticed that when i was using the reflection channel in post production and i noticed too that there is No enough specular and reflection glossiness, my problem always was that i ignore that maps then i realized that these maps gave the real touch to the scene


about what you said Chris, that's right what i was trying to do is to render a mock up for the Villa because in real there are 150 typical villas, i'm working on that for the final touch i ll add some of the real environment.


thanks again i will upload the final render when it will be finished, by the way i added a thread called "What i have to do to achieve a real view" if you can give me your notices i will be thankful

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Well here's my thoughts.

-Mainly there's no depth of field right? with this wide lens you won't get a lot of blurred areas but a bit of it will make a difference.

-Your stones are so clean. The bricks too.

-Try to decrease the overall vibrance.

-Birds look big and fake. It seems you took birds from a long lens shot which cannot be used here.

-The sky looks pixelated.

-The trees are flat. I don't know if the leaves are planes or real mesh but try to use high poly trees since you don't have a lot of them.

-The road texture need fixing too.

-Light rays to remove also.

-Add some random objects

-Some color correction will make a big difference here.


Hope this helps.

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In addition to everything above, i think you should be adding dirt, dust etc. (mostly at subtle levels) to your textures. I know it's a lot of work but it certainly pays off when done right.


Google "Richdirt", they have some good demonstrations on this.

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