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Vray Physical Camera renders going crazy


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Each time i do a minor change in the setting, either the camera, or the sun or material.

The camera renders crazy. The model goes missing only the background color/map is rendered along with one odd element in the scene.

But then when i save the change and restart 3ds max and render again without changing any other setting the scene the render looks ok (render corresponds to the changes made).


I am going mad restarting 3ds max each time.

Please help. Attach is the crazy render image.


(Am I missing something while setting up the camera which refreshes the camera only on restarting max? as soon as i restart 3ds max the old setting works and renders all the elements in the scene.)

Render gone wrong_Vray Physical camera error.jpg

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Thanks a lot for a prompt response.

I am using Vray advanced 2.40.03 (3ds max 2010 32bit, 3gb ram)


Attached is the result of render after i changed few things, restarted 3dmax and rendered the scene again.


But the problem still persists as now when i try to change any detail again ,Vray renders the background with the swimming pool water only. I am sure when i restart 3d max it will show correct output. :/ Same setting Vray render output.jpg

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